Sara Diciero


Born in 1949. She lives, paints and dreams in Buenos Aires. Argentina. Visual artist and Scientific Computer . At 35 she decided to paint , then she attended some workshops and several courses specialized in Contemporary Art. She also makes Digital Art and draws. Since 1999, Diciero has been experimenting with the idea of lighting the artwork from behind. She paints on resin sheets to create the support of her backlights, which she then exhibits in groups as installations. Sara develops the DISTANCE in Nature. She captures images from a point so far from Earth, as images on the earth or images observed in a microscope. In this way, people can see microorganisms , landscapes , aerial landscapes or abstracts fantasy landscapes in her paintings. She works the oil diluted with visual textures of own inventive that dumps on the canvas in each new proposal to enhance the artwork with intense color, energy and passion in such a way that imagination is invited to travel by dream places. "Light, joy, optimism, hope, dreams, emotions, colors and music are my guide and my way, that if you want we can share and enjoy together ... looking at my artworks! ". Sara has taken part in over 450 national and international shows in Art Galleries, Museums, Art Fairs, Biennials, in Argentina and in other countries as Austria, Brazil, Chile, Croatia, Cuba, Denmark, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Puerto Rico, Turkey, United Kingdom, Uruguay and U.S.A . During 2006/7 she was represented by Eighth Elephant Contemporary Art Gallery in New York City, Brooklyn. USA. Diciero has appeared in 38 solo exhibitions in Argentina. She was admitted in many municipal, national and private contests where she won 49 awards. She served as jury in some art competitions. Diciero illustrated some books form Argentina, Chilean and Mexican writers. University and secondary schools prepared some works on the paintings of Diciero. Many critical of art have expressed opinion highlighting her artworks. Nowadays, her artworks can be found in private international collections in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Croatia, India, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Peru, Puerto Rico Turkey and U.S.A. and figure in many artbooks, art magazines, CDs, websites, Social networks and publications about Contemporary Art.

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